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Parc linéaire des Bois-Francs (Victoriaville sector)

The Parc linéaire des Bois-Francs, a 77-km bike path on a former railway track, crosses most of the Lower St. Lawrence. From Tingwick to Lyster, by way of Victoriaville, you’ll discover the vast, level plains and lovely panoramic views so appreciated by cyclists.

Section Recommendations :

Promenade du Grand-Tronc (3.5 km)
Easily accessible from the Vélogare du Grand-Tronc parking lot, this stretch of the Parc linéaire des Bois-Francs is a paved continuous circuit that crosses the city of Victoriaville north to south. You can take it between Boulevard Pie-IX and Rue de la Bonaventure. The path continues beyond these roads, but becomes stone dust.

Promenade des aînés (1.5 km)
The Promenade des ainés connects the Promenade du Grand-Tronc to the Réservoir Beaudet along 1.5 km of paved bike path with no incline. Take it from Rue de L’Ermitage, just north of the Vélogare.

Réservoir Beaudet (5 km)
This closed, paved circuit makes a 5-km loop around the Réservoir Beaudet. This stretch, surrounded by nature, runs along the water’s edge and under a canopy of trees, and features a few accessible picnic tables to enjoy a break. There are two approximately 6% grades along this stretch. Try parking at the Vélogare du Grand-Tronc, going as far as the Réservoir Beaudet and picnicking there. Another possibility is to park at the Réservoir Beaudet, located at the corner of route 162 and Rue Garand. If you don’t bring your lunch, you can sample a fine poutine at Fromagerie Victoria near the Réservoir Beaudet.

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