The Accessible Road

Traveling alone, traveling as a couple, with friends or with family. Travel "accessible".

Why join The Accessible Road

The Accessible Road promotes your business to people with limited physical abilit, their families and friends.


  • 20 000 copies of The Accessible Road (10 000 in English and 10 000 in French) are distributed free throughout Québec
Kéroul is promoting establishments in and outside Québec, thanks to the contribution of Tourisme Québec and Canada Economic Development.

As a bonus, you will help make Québec the most accessible tourist destination!

How to join The Accessible Road?

  1. Contact Kéroul to schedule an evaluation of establishment. This tour will allow you to get a quote and a report including major improvements. Costs may apply.
  2. During the evaluation, your establishment will need to be rated "accessible" to be eligible for The Accessible Road.
Thereafter, you will receive an agreement that will prompt you to train your staff working at customer service.
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